Hailed as couture's new genius, Filipino designer, David Tupaz, is the shining Filipino gem in the Hollywood red carpet.   What makes David stand out among other designers is not only his elegant and stylish haute couture work but also his passion for his craft, love for his clients, attention to detail and pursuit of excellence.

The charismatic and gregarious David, who was trained in New York, said he moved to Los Angeles because "I needed a change in environment. I love New York but I wanted more. Hollywood dictates fashion in America. New York might be the center of fashion but Hollywood is the window. People want to wear what they see on the stars."

However, breaking into Hollywood was an uphill battle. "It was intimidating," he said. "Being a minority and an Asian, I felt that my chances of making it here in Hollywood were slim. But I believed that the Filipino talent is at par with the best of the world and that was my inspiration to keep on going. So I went beyond the brand and created a distinct rebirth of old Hollywood." Today, David is living his dream.

Among his clients are William and Elizabeth Shatner, Alan and Tanya Thicke, Patti Austin, Trisha Simmons, Jane Seymour, Mitzi Kapture, Lisa Rinna, Kris Kardashian Jenner, Etta James, Christine Baranski, Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Mariel Hemingway, Rain Pryor, Kelly LeBrock, Bo Derek, Cheryl Ladd, Annette Bening and Tracy Hamilton just to name a few.

Other clients include former First Lady Imelda Marcos and former Miss Japan Keiko Ibi who wore a purple peaux de soix that he designed and created for the 1999 Oscar Awards night where Ibi received the Best Documentary Film Award from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. People magazine dubbed David's creation as one of the evening's most memorable gowns.

The humble David quipped, "I guess I am not famous but famous people know me. They love the simple sophistication and they feel appropriately dressed when they wear my clothing. I make sure their individual taste and personal style stand out."

David does not only designs luxurious gowns, he completes the look with his own custom-designed jewelry, beaded accessories, shoes and intricately handcrafted veils.

Asked what drives him to pursue his passion for fashion, the talented David said, "I think being an artist somehow makes one feel responsible! Without artistry, we would have never discovered and understood the value of history and humanity from the prehistoric paintings inside cave walls to the writings of ancient Greece, to the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. Art and culture drive me! The little difference that I as an artist can contribute to make life beautiful keeps me motivated and going...and I like to share that." David sees himself not just a fashion designer but someone who's passionate about art, culture and history.




Christina Roman

About Christina

She was Born in 1987, her passion for fashion drove her to never settle for an average 9-5 job, as she first discovered her love for the industry as a small child making clothes with her twin sister, Carina, and her grandmother. As a bright-minded visionary & exercising her entrepreneurial skill, Christina began making and selling scrunchies as a kindergartner... Christina has devoted her life to developing her name as a designer as well as motivating students still establishing themselves to do the same. Christina has even had one of her designs inspired by, "The Matador", featured in the Winter issue of the Las Vegas Couture Magazine, released January 15th 2015. Just this year, Christina usurped leadership over The Las Vegas Fashion Design Council as the Head Coordinator for Planning & Events, Fashion Show Coordinator, Student Ambassador, & she's already making bold strides to further solidify this Council's position in the city of Las Vegas under the tutelage of David Tupaz of David Tupaz Couture. Christina has worked over 10 years within the Fashion and Entertainment Industry which has only motivated and inspired her to move forward despite her hardship. She gives thanks to all those whom have supported her because with them none of what she has done would have been possible without them. For more information about LVFDC please visit lvfdc.us

Accomplishments & Awards
*Wardrobe Assistant and Dresser for the "Vendor of the Year" Zappos Event held at Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV August 14th, 2017

*Wardrobe Prep for the Temptations at the Orleans Las Vegas, NV May 2017

*Wardrobe Pre-Production, Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for Jennifer Lopez Residency All I Have at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, NV May 2017

*Promoted President of the Las Vegas Fashion Design Council LVFDC (2015-Present)

* Appointed Vice President of the Las Vegas Fashion Design Council (LVFDC)

* Member of LVFDC since (January 2012)

* Invited to showcase designs at the UTAH Latin Expo 2015 in Salt Lake, Utah (Sept 5th, 2015)

*Styled a shoot for Crossover, CRSVR for instagram (August 26th, 2015)

* Nominated for the Fashion Designer Excellence Award 2015 (August 8-9, 2015)

* Styled a photo shoot with an 80s girl group, The Cover Girls (August 8th, 2015)

* Featured designer in the Parlay magazine August Issue (August 1st, 2015)

* My JB Collection by Christina Roman walked the runway at the Fashion Fridays event for LVFDC (July 24th, 2015)

*Interviewed by Michelle Roxy Davis of World Center of Broadcasting Media, WCOBM  geeks are sexy segment (July 10th, 2015)

* Assist with Styling a photo shoot for the L'Vegue magazine with David Tupaz of David Tupaz Couture (May 27th, 2015)

* Interviewed by Tiffany Nelson of Surviving Sin City, accompanied by a mini fashion show of my designs (Feb 5th, 2015)

* Featured Designer in the LV Style Couture magazine in the Winter Issue (Jan 15th, 2015)

* Currently working for Las Vegas Fashion Design Council, Desert Laborers, and Best Agency Las Vegas working Fashion Show Production, not limited to, Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Show Coordinator, Styling, Assistant Styling, Model Coordinator, Show Choreography, Show Preparation, and Model Dressing.



Vice President

Carina Roman

About Carina

Born May of 1987.  My Grandmother from Mexico taught me and my twin sister how to create our own outfit using an old fashion sewing machine with the lace iron peddle. After that I found any reason to use her sewing machine. I started making my barbies dresses and even shorts for myself. I just couldn't get enough. What inspires me are the beautiful things this world has to offer. From old brick walls to the raindrops on a frosted window. My motivation is my family who has supported me through all of this. I only hope to continue to make them proud. That's enough of me... I leave you now with a quote I live by everyday! As Well as my accomplishments and growth over the years.

Everyday is a Fashion Show and The World is my Runway!



Accomplishments & Awards

*Newly Appointed Vice President of the Las Vegas Fashion Design Council LVFDC (2015-Present)

*Member of The Las Vegas Fashion Design Council

*Wardrobe Prep for Temptations at Orleans Las Vegas, NV May 2017

*Wardrobe Assistant for Lionel Richie’s Residency at Planet Hollywood Zappos Theatre Las Vegas NV 2017-present

*Wardrobe Pre-Production, Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for Back Street Boys Residency BSB Residency at Planet Hollywood Zappos Theatre Las Vegas, NV March 2017-present

*Wardrobe Pre-Production, Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for Toruk Circe de Sole Las Vegas, NV March 15-19, 2017

*Wardrobe Pre-Production, Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for Jennifer Lopez Residency All I Have at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, NV 2015-Present

*Wardrobe Pre-Production, Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for Selena Gomez Rival Tour in Las Vegas, NV May 2016

*Showcase recent collection with LVFDC Divergent Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

*Wardrobe technician for Ariana Grande Honeymoon tour in Las Vegas, NV August 29, 2015

*Wardrobe Pre-Production, Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for The Main Event with New Kids on The Block, Nelly, and TLC May 2015+

*Costume Pre-Production, Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for Britney Spears Residency Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, NV 2013-present

*Costume Pre-Production, Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for Cee Lo Green Residency Loberace at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, NV 2013

* Currently working for 3G Production, Desert Laborers, Best Agency as a Wardrobe Technician and Dresser for live shows including Fashion Shows and Concert. Also working with Davids Bridal as an alteration specialist.

*Specialize in Fashion and Costume designing, Alterations, Pattern Making, Pattern Grading, and Tech Packs for Mass Production.


email: crcdesigners@yahoo.com